Ricky Lo, without a doubt, is a veteran showbiz journalist in our country. But that doesn’t make him the best choice to interview the hottest star in Hollywood. Gosh, he definitely started off on the wrong foot by asking Anne about the “weight loss” issue. Another lesson: Focus on your subject (the interviewee or the movie), DO NOT attempt to convert the whole conversation about any other person (in this case, Lea Salonga). And I think this whole “Please invite your fans to watch…” thingie only works in the Philippines.  Anyway, see the whole interview for yourself:

Not to make any comparisons here, but watch another Pinoy interview Miss Hathaway herself. Please take some notes, Mr.Lo:

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What’s Your Halloween Peg?

Or rather, WHO is your Halloween peg? I have given myself so much stress these past few days just looking and thinking about ideas and pegs for our upcoming Halloween party. My friends and I kinda take our parties seriously so we decided that we’re going to have Hollywood as the main theme for this year’s big Halloween hoopla. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s event so I really promised myself that I will seriously make it major this time around. After finding out most of my friend’s “pegs”, I finally decided that I am going to make it more interesting by doing the unexpected. I can’t spill out the beans right now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I promise that it is going to be something shocking…or probably NOT, if you know me too well. Ika nga eh, Kinarir na teh!

Last year, I was planning to make a big splash by going in as Karl Lagerfeld, but then again, something happened so I was absent and ended up not attending any Halloween parties AT ALL. I actually want to revive the idea of dressing up as Mr.Lagerfeld himself but I decided to scrap the idea and think of something more ‘edgy’.

And since the theme is Hollywood, the choices are definitely endless! If you’re into music and you want something iconic, then Madonna is the # 1 option for me. Is there something more iconic to this look?

It’s the legendary ‘Like A Virgin” VMA’s 1984 look! But if you something modern, or let’s say, among the new breed of popstars, you cant go wrong with these celebs:

Lady GaGa. This look,in my opinion, is one of her most iconic styles ever! I’m pretty sure a lot of people will dress up as Gaga for Halloween and will make themselves over the top, so if you’re planning on making it simple yet iconic, then this look is a must!

Katy Perry. Sugar, spice, and everything nice. The keywords for you to have the perfect Katy Perry look!

Lana del Rey is also a great choice this Halloween! Emphasize the lips though,because aside from the signature floral headdress and the incorporation of the American flag to her looks, Lana’s luscious lips are definitely a trademark for this vintage Hollywood ensemble!

For the guys, have something that will make you stand out! Don’t be afraid to dress up and be over the top!It’s a Halloween party after all! Michael Jackson is a great and an obvious choice. Out of all his looks though, the “Thriller” ensemble, in my opinion, is definitely the coolest!

Elvis Presley is also a popular choice for most of the guys out there. Pero I think its too gasgas na. Try something new! If you want to play it safe, or if you have a very limited time to look for an outfit or a costume, then go for the James Dean route.For this handsome movie star look, all you need is a sleek leather jacket, a pair of rugged old jeans, a pair of boots, and have a sexy pushed back hairstyle and you have Mr.Dean himself in a snap!

Enough of pop stars, you can also dress up as one of these major movie stars in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie,for one,is a perfect choice, and when you think of her, her portrayal of Tomb Raider will easily come into your mind, but hey, change it up!

Her arrival at the Oscars 2012 red carpet made headlines everywhere and her left leg stole the entire show! It’s a true Hollywood moment so it would be really amazing to recreate the whole look!

On the other hand, you will also make fashion headlines yourself if you will dress up as Ms. Miranda Priestly,portrayed by Meryl Streep on “The Devil Wears Prada”. The look is iconic, fashionable, and definitely memorable.

Here are some other choices for you if you’re planning to rock a Hollywood Superstar look for Halloween:

“The Jersey Shore” star Snooki.

Edward Cullen.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

The Plastics.


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Congratulations to the 4 winners of 37LA 1st Anniversary Giveaway Promo! Each of you will receive an uber-fabulous book clutch from 37LA. Please email to receive instructions on how to claim your prize!


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37LA Anniversary Fashion Giveaway

One of the country’s hottest fashion line, 37LA is approaching it’s 1st Anniversary, and as part of its many celebrations to come, and as a way of saying THANK YOU for making and helping it become successful, 37lA is giving away FABULOUS BOOK CLUTCHES to 4 LUCKY WINNERS!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this exciting fashion opportunity! So here’s the full Promo Mechanics folks!
2.) Leave/Post a Wall Comment! Copy & Paste “I ❤ 37LA. Happy 1st Anniversary!”
3.) Sit back, relax and wait for the official announcement of the winners and spread the word to your friends!

Easy as 1,2,3! Names will be announced on October 15, 2012! Go and spread the word and help make the world become more fabulous and fierce!

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A Secret Affair

Viva films has just released the official trailer for “A Secret Affair” starring Derek Ramsey, Andy Eigenmann, and Anne Curtis.I must say though, that while I have nothing against films (Pinoy films to be specific) that tackle the issue of infidelity, or say, about mistresses, or “kabit”, film writers and movie outfits should at least try to offer something fresh and new. “No Other Woman” clicked because it was kinda new to the taste of the typical Pinoy moviegoers at the time of its release, the witty lines on the movie were already considered classic, and the plot, although seen in previous Pinoy films, was delivered with a sexy, modern twist. Other films with the same plot like “A Love Story” succeeded when it comes to powerful performances by its actors, and the unexpected twist is to die for. Regal Films gave us “My Neighbor’s Wife”, a mild campy hit that revolves around the same storyline,although packed with tacky acting and poor cinematography,is also a film that we can consider “respectable”.

Viva Films, obviously, is trying to recreate ” No Other Woman”, and I’m pretty sure they’re expecting this to replicate the success of its predecessor as well. Sure, it has the same witty and quotable lines (expect these lines to go viral as soon as the film hits the cinemas), the same sexy lead actors (Derek and Anne), a mistress,of course, is involved, packaged as a sexy,tempting, she-devil (Andy Eigenmann ), supportive and loving and funny mothers, (Jacklyn Jose is the Carmi Martin of this flick) and those undying confrontational scenes where the legit “partner” or wife and the mistress have the same color to their dress. But that’s it. Its all about the word “SAME”,and it’s getting cheap and boring. And while moviegoers will eat this latest offering, and will probably break “box-office” records (or not), the bottom line is that we are being fed with the same tried (TIRED) and tested formula by these movie outfits and its OK with most of us since this “formula” has become our latest definition of the word “Classic”, “Amazing”, “Maganda”, “The Best!”. Is there something new? I mean, where’s the real substance? And the bad thing is, we will definitely see the same old plot with many upcoming movies to hit the cinemas soon. Maybe, if they will just try to bring something new to the table and push the envelope just a little instead of spoon feeding us with the same crap all over again.

Just recently, Star Cinema gave us ‘The Mistress”, a John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo flick that, oh well, another ‘kabit’ movie, hence the title.  But at least it doesn’t have the exact same plot as “No Other Woman”, it’s not ‘No Other Woman 2.0″ the ending is unpredictable, and the movie is career-defining for both of its main actors. Not like “A Secret Affair”, predictable, tacky, same old sh*t, “gasgas”. Maybe its too early for me to tell. But that’s it, it’s too early but i can already tell.

Watch the trailer below:

P.S: The song “Don’t Say Goodbye” was also used as the theme song for “A Neighbor’s Wife”.

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Movie Review: The Possession

For the most part, ‘The Possession” looks like an upgraded version of the 1973 horror classic “The Exorcist”. Fans of the latter will definitely see and feel the familiarity, and the plot may look like a cliché, but “Possession” offers a bit more.

“The Possession” follows the story of a broken family who faced the wrath of a demonic force who took over the body of a 10-year old Emil,y (Natasha Calis). Clyde, (Jeffrey dean Morgan), a basketball coach who is recently dealing with a divorce with his ex-wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgewick), and their tween daughter Hannah ( Madison Davenport) must unite altogether as a family in order to fight and face the unspeakable evil.

The plot is simple: Clyde, together with his two daughters Em and Hannah goes to a neighboring yard sale and the younger Em finds a creepy-looking wooden box and takes it home. Now you definitely know that buying this crap is a big mistake. And the quite annoying Emily makes another mistake: By opening the box. Pretty soon, strange things  start happening: moths are invading their new house. Emily’s attitude starts to change drastically, deaths, accidents,etc. It turns out, a ‘Dybbuk’- a Jewish folklore creature, is actually inside the box. and this evil creature finds the perfect host in the form of Emily.

To battle this demonic presence inside Em’s body, Clyde travels all the way to Brooklyn, to find the answers and ask help from these old rabbis. As luck turns out, a fearless and young Hasid (played by Matisyahu) offers help to fight this diabolical force.

For fans of this particular genre-then this movie is a must see. While comparisons to other flicks that offer “a young girl possessed by the demon” plot will eventually occur, it is pretty undeniable that ‘Possessed’ tops them all with some of its own factors. Aside from being scary (You have to keep your eyes open to the MRI scene-VERY DISTURBING!), the movie is very entertaining from start to finish. The special effects-with a little help from CGI experts- are quite convincing as well. I give this film 3.5 stars out of 5. *Contains violent and disturbing scenes.

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POLL: The Next Darna

There’s a lot of buzz about the next star who will play the Pinay super-hero “Darna’. After ABS-CBN acquired the rights to 13 Mars Ravelo titles sometime last year, a  lot of names under the Kapamilya Network were being thrown around to be considered for the role. This is also the root of an ongoing debate among different fandoms all over the internet.

Just recently, one major exec from the network confirmed on his Twitter page that they have already chosen the star who will fit the role of Darna. And quite shockingly, according to unofficial reports (and internet rumors) Angel Locsin,who already played the role for a GMA-7 adaptation way back in 2005, is the one who will resurrect the role for ABS-CBN. While most people will agree that Angel is definitely the last actress who gave justice to the most-coveted role, (Marian Rivera fans,bite me.) mixed reactions also poured in.Whose team are you on?

Angel Locsin

Anne Curtis

Bea Alonzo

KC Concepcion

Cristine Reyes

Megan Young

Jessy Mendiola


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Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

Okay, so the long wait for the fans of the ‘Bourne’ franchise (and for us Pinoys as well)  is finally over. The fourth installment in the action-thriller-espionage franchise is finally here. For us Pinoys, it is probably the most anticipated episode in the installment, simply because, well, we all know the fact that most of the scenes were filmed in the Philippines (Manila and El Nido,Palawan). Shoot, Manila is indeed a key and a pivotal element in the story.

First off, let me just say that I am not a big fan of the ‘Bourne’ franchise. I have seen the first three titles, (‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, & ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’) and I like all of them. But that’s about it. So the fact that this film offers a new plot and a new lead character does not interest me at all. And the fact that I even dared to make a review of this film kinda irks me. Ugh.

Moving on, “The Bourne Legacy” is a fresh,new take on the spy-thriller franchise. But this time, instead of having Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon in the first three films) as the lead character, the story revolves around Aaron Cross, (Jeremy Renner) an agent who has become a target of a deadly threat and a person who has been taking these ‘unknown’ pills. I find myself playing with the word “unknown” during the film’s first half. “Clueless” is even more suitable, mind you. It’s a bit off and kinda hard to understand at first, especially since the film uses a lot of these scientific jargons unknown to many (or to myself,at least). But as the story goes on, the answers are revealed, and things are getting more exciting.

Aaron Cross finds himself in a deadly cat and mouse chase when his secret spy program, called the ‘Operation Outcome’ helmed by Edward Norton, gets shut down due to a series of events involving Jason Bourne. And Norton wants Cross dead. It turns out, Cross was given a new identity, a result of a top secret program and research aimed at developing better assassins which are kept hidden around the world. And to keep himself physically and mentally stable and strong, he intentionally saved the life of Dr.Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), who is also trapped in a deadly web of events after becoming the only survivor of a mysterious shooting at her lab. Without revealing too much, Dr.Shearing, along with Cross, heads out to Manila to obtain the pills that have boosted Cross’ strength and mental capabilities.

Now, this is where the action comes in. As Cross and Shearing fight for their lives, the film gives us intense motorcycle chase scenes, “habulan sa bubong ng mga bahay sa squatters area” scenes, and other chase scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Jeremy Renner, as an action star is excellent, although he doesn’t have the unique charm that Matt Damon has. And Weisz, on the other hand, gives us jaw-dropping performance as well. The Manila scenes are huge, at infairness sa mga Pinoy actors na gumanap, amazing din sila.

If you’re planning on seeing this film just to witness the grand scenes filmed and executed in Manila, then go ahead. It is going to be a full pleasure experience, since almost half of the film were made in our dear city. But if you are a looking for a high adrenaline action-thriller experience, then ‘The Bourne Legacy” is for you. You may actually find yourself getting lost during its first half but once the drama and action comes in, then everything will be in full swing. Although if you are a fan of the first three films, especially if you will do comparisons, which is quite normal, then Legacy might fall short. In all honesty, it is definitely not the best film in the franchise, the action scenes on the first trilogy are way better. The film’s kinda rushed ending is also a factor why this film lacks the charm and magic of the first three films. But to make it short, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ on it’s own, is a solid, jaw-dropping action thriller. Definitely a must see, and with that, I give this film 3 stars out of four.

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What’s Your Peg?

Last Sunday, after months of planning,and getting ideas (or pegs), my beautiful friends and I finally had our much-awaited photo-shoot. A lot of people have been asking what this photoshoot is for, well, let me put it this way:It’s just for fun!. It’s kind of like celebrating our friendship and since most of us (I’m pretty certain about this) are shamelessly vain and whatnot, what better way to show our good-looking and beautiful faces than to have a fun and fabulous photo-shoot? CHOS! Kidding aside, it’s for the sake of fun, ika nga eh, kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.

To make this short, we had two pegs for the theme and feel of the shoot.

The Jing Monis Salon ad featuring today’s ‘It Girls’.

Gossip Girl cast for Rolling Stone Magazine by Terry Richardson.

With the help of two amazing make-up artists (Patty Matias and Connie Ancheta),a fierce hairstylist (Mark Familara), and of course our wonderful photographer Jeru Czar, we actually achieved these fabulous pegs and I am stoked to share the photos with all of you!

We don’t have the official photos yet (I’m gonna post them here soon!), but the studio owner, Miggy Abesamis together with his friend Jeff Gonzalez, came up with this awesome ‘Behind The Scenes’ video. I love this video so much! Watch the clip below and I hope you guys like it!


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Hollywood Celebs Read Mean Tweets..About Themselves!

This video made my day. HIGH-larious! Watch this crazy segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live as celebrities read nasty,rude tweets about them!

At least they’re pretty cool about these things. The same thing should be done to Pinoy celebrities, TBH.

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