What’s Your Halloween Peg?

Or rather, WHO is your Halloween peg? I have given myself so much stress these past few days just looking and thinking about ideas and pegs for our upcoming Halloween party. My friends and I kinda take our parties seriously so we decided that we’re going to have Hollywood as the main theme for this year’s big Halloween hoopla. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s event so I really promised myself that I will seriously make it major this time around. After finding out most of my friend’s “pegs”, I finally decided that I am going to make it more interesting by doing the unexpected. I can’t spill out the beans right now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I promise that it is going to be something shocking…or probably NOT, if you know me too well. Ika nga eh, Kinarir na teh!

Last year, I was planning to make a big splash by going in as Karl Lagerfeld, but then again, something happened so I was absent and ended up not attending any Halloween parties AT ALL. I actually want to revive the idea of dressing up as Mr.Lagerfeld himself but I decided to scrap the idea and think of something more ‘edgy’.

And since the theme is Hollywood, the choices are definitely endless! If you’re into music and you want something iconic, then Madonna is the # 1 option for me. Is there something more iconic to this look?

It’s the legendary ‘Like A Virgin” VMA’s 1984 look! But if you something modern, or let’s say, among the new breed of popstars, you cant go wrong with these celebs:

Lady GaGa. This look,in my opinion, is one of her most iconic styles ever! I’m pretty sure a lot of people will dress up as Gaga for Halloween and will make themselves over the top, so if you’re planning on making it simple yet iconic, then this look is a must!

Katy Perry. Sugar, spice, and everything nice. The keywords for you to have the perfect Katy Perry look!

Lana del Rey is also a great choice this Halloween! Emphasize the lips though,because aside from the signature floral headdress and the incorporation of the American flag to her looks, Lana’s luscious lips are definitely a trademark for this vintage Hollywood ensemble!

For the guys, have something that will make you stand out! Don’t be afraid to dress up and be over the top!It’s a Halloween party after all! Michael Jackson is a great and an obvious choice. Out of all his looks though, the “Thriller” ensemble, in my opinion, is definitely the coolest!

Elvis Presley is also a popular choice for most of the guys out there. Pero I think its too gasgas na. Try something new! If you want to play it safe, or if you have a very limited time to look for an outfit or a costume, then go for the James Dean route.For this handsome movie star look, all you need is a sleek leather jacket, a pair of rugged old jeans, a pair of boots, and have a sexy pushed back hairstyle and you have Mr.Dean himself in a snap!

Enough of pop stars, you can also dress up as one of these major movie stars in Hollywood. Angelina Jolie,for one,is a perfect choice, and when you think of her, her portrayal of Tomb Raider will easily come into your mind, but hey, change it up!

Her arrival at the Oscars 2012 red carpet made headlines everywhere and her left leg stole the entire show! It’s a true Hollywood moment so it would be really amazing to recreate the whole look!

On the other hand, you will also make fashion headlines yourself if you will dress up as Ms. Miranda Priestly,portrayed by Meryl Streep on “The Devil Wears Prada”. The look is iconic, fashionable, and definitely memorable.

Here are some other choices for you if you’re planning to rock a Hollywood Superstar look for Halloween:

“The Jersey Shore” star Snooki.

Edward Cullen.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

The Plastics.


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