A Secret Affair

Viva films has just released the official trailer for “A Secret Affair” starring Derek Ramsey, Andy Eigenmann, and Anne Curtis.I must say though, that while I have nothing against films (Pinoy films to be specific) that tackle the issue of infidelity, or say, about mistresses, or “kabit”, film writers and movie outfits should at least try to offer something fresh and new. “No Other Woman” clicked because it was kinda new to the taste of the typical Pinoy moviegoers at the time of its release, the witty lines on the movie were already considered classic, and the plot, although seen in previous Pinoy films, was delivered with a sexy, modern twist. Other films with the same plot like “A Love Story” succeeded when it comes to powerful performances by its actors, and the unexpected twist is to die for. Regal Films gave us “My Neighbor’s Wife”, a mild campy hit that revolves around the same storyline,although packed with tacky acting and poor cinematography,is also a film that we can consider “respectable”.

Viva Films, obviously, is trying to recreate ” No Other Woman”, and I’m pretty sure they’re expecting this to replicate the success of its predecessor as well. Sure, it has the same witty and quotable lines (expect these lines to go viral as soon as the film hits the cinemas), the same sexy lead actors (Derek and Anne), a mistress,of course, is involved, packaged as a sexy,tempting, she-devil (Andy Eigenmann ), supportive and loving and funny mothers, (Jacklyn Jose is the Carmi Martin of this flick) and those undying confrontational scenes where the legit “partner” or wife and the mistress have the same color to their dress. But that’s it. Its all about the word “SAME”,and it’s getting cheap and boring. And while moviegoers will eat this latest offering, and will probably break “box-office” records (or not), the bottom line is that we are being fed with the same tried (TIRED) and tested formula by these movie outfits and its OK with most of us since this “formula” has become our latest definition of the word “Classic”, “Amazing”, “Maganda”, “The Best!”. Is there something new? I mean, where’s the real substance? And the bad thing is, we will definitely see the same old plot with many upcoming movies to hit the cinemas soon. Maybe, if they will just try to bring something new to the table and push the envelope just a little instead of spoon feeding us with the same crap all over again.

Just recently, Star Cinema gave us ‘The Mistress”, a John Lloyd-Bea Alonzo flick that, oh well, another ‘kabit’ movie, hence the title.  But at least it doesn’t have the exact same plot as “No Other Woman”, it’s not ‘No Other Woman 2.0″ the ending is unpredictable, and the movie is career-defining for both of its main actors. Not like “A Secret Affair”, predictable, tacky, same old sh*t, “gasgas”. Maybe its too early for me to tell. But that’s it, it’s too early but i can already tell.

Watch the trailer below:

P.S: The song “Don’t Say Goodbye” was also used as the theme song for “A Neighbor’s Wife”.

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