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Hollywood Celebs Read Mean Tweets..About Themselves!

This video made my day. HIGH-larious! Watch this crazy segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live as celebrities read nasty,rude tweets about them! At least they’re pretty cool about these things. The same thing should be done to Pinoy celebrities, TBH.

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No Doubt; ‘Settle Down’

Major Comeback Alert!!! After more than a decade of waiting for their new music, No Doubt finally unleashed their comeback track and first single off their upcoming album ‘Push and Shove’ (out Sept. 25). I was having a bad day … Continue reading

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‘Magic Mike’

If there is one thing remarkable about Channing Tatum’s latest movie ‘Magic Mike’,(other than the countless sexy, feast-to-the eye-numbers, or Tatum’s sexy ass), is definitely the fact that the film is not cheesy. Sure, Steven Soderbergh made sure that extremely … Continue reading

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Crazy Thought:’Rock of Ages’ and Christina Aguilera.

I read a lot of negative reviews about “Rock of Ages”, before actually seeing the musical last night. Having very low expectations about the film, I was actually surprised when I found myself singing and humming along the songs from … Continue reading

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POLL: The Most Beautiful Woman in Pop Music

There has been a lot of debate among different fandoms (fan bases) on who is the most beautiful pop-star in the music industry. These debates often lead to fan wars. And there has been a lot of hate among fans … Continue reading

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