Halloween Goes Hollywood

My friends and I had a blast last Saturday for our ‘Halloween Goes Hollywood’ party. So like what I’ve said on my last blog entry, it was kinda stressful looking for the perfect outfit just to match your desired peg. Luckily for us, we have enough creative juices so I think we really did a great job in executing our costumes.

I dressed up as Christina Aguilera. Hello Chuck Bass and Harry Potter!

My Christina Aguilera ensemble is actually a hybrid of Christina Aguilera’s three different looks for her “Your Body” music video.

Here I was trying to imitate the signature Christina kiss. Major fail. And look at the those boobies made out of balloons. Winner ang cleavage!

I also gave an impromptu performance of “Your Body”.

Harry Potter enjoyed it so much. And there goes the “yellow boob” again trying to win some attention.

The whole Halloween set-up is perfection. Creepy as hell. Job well done,Ella!

My dear friend Ella, who was responsible for the whole Halloween decorations and stuff, also bagged the Best In Costume (Female) Award. She dressed up as Lady GaGa. It was awesome!

I wanna wear this costume to be honest!

JM won the Best in Costume (Male) Award. A perfect Kim Kardashian!

He/She looked so pretty! She literally snatched wigs that night!

Candy won the “Who Are You Supposed To Be” Award. This award was given not necessarily to the person who had the best costume,but to the one who embodied his/her character to almost perfection! That’s Twiggy all the way!

LJ won the “Feel na Feel” Award. Plain and simple. Feel na feel nya ng pagiging Paris Hilton nya that night! She did her research on Paris so well!

LJ, together with her husband,Pot also won the “Couple of the Night” Award. Although Paris Hilton and Eminem might seem to be an odd couple, they still managed to snatch the majority of the votes for this particular award that night. May dayaan na nangyari! CHOS.

The winners.

Reyssie‘s look for that night which is Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron from ‘Mean Girls’ is one of my favorites. Simple yet pak na pak.

The infamous ‘Burn Book’ from Mean Girls also made a very rare appearance.

Britney Spears performed ‘Oops..I Did It Again!’

Nicki Minaj was also present. She had the most expensive costume, and everyone was rooting for her to win an award that night. I wonder what happened? Chos.

Ayaw ni Nicki Minaj. Nagalit sya.

Buti na lang napakalma namin sya.

Na-stress si Twiggy. Sumakit ang ulo nya sa mga pangyayari.

Korean Superstar Psy was also there. Too bad there are no pictures of him doing his Gangnam Style dance moves.

Welcome to “The Dollhouse Club”. Mamasan and her girls. Ayaw magpakita ng hairy legs. Pili na!

We’re already planning our upcoming Christmas party. As you probably know by now, we take our themed parties very seriously, so see you all this Christmas!

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