Anne Hathaway & Her New Haircut

Have you seen “The Dark Knight Rises”? Anne Hathaway (along with Marion Cotillard) totally stole the show. I am planning on having a full review of the film but I decided not to go ahead with it, the film is full of unexpected and exciting twists and I might ruin and spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it. Plus, I am not a film critic anyway so why bother? Let me put it this way, if you haven’t seen it or don’t have any plans of watching it on the big screen, then you’re a total idiot.

Remember when I said that Michelle Pfeiffer is probably the best catwoman ever? Not anymore. Pfeiffer’s version of Selina Kyle is definitely fierce but Hathaway’s take on the role is the most badass version of Catwoman ever. Anne Hathaway exceeded my expectations, and she delivered major awesomeness. This woman is incredible!

But have you seen her new look?

At first my jaw literally dropped on the floor and I was like, “What the eff happened?”. And she definitely lost a lot of weight too. Then I remembered that she’s set to portray Fantine in the upcoming musical “Les Misérables” and it requires her to have this pixie ‘do. As for her uber-skinny figure, Anne said in an interview, “For ‘Les Miz,’ since I play a tubercular, impoverished prostitute, my weight-loss regimen was to make me look incredibly sick and near death. I lost 25 pounds. It was very hard.” She also added that cutting her hair was her idea.

And speaking of Lez Miz,  I finally saw the trailer and I actually felt like crying while watching it. See it for yourself:

What do you think of the trailer? Thoughts?

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