‘Magic Mike’


If there is one thing remarkable about Channing Tatum’s latest movie ‘Magic Mike’,(other than the countless sexy, feast-to-the eye-numbers, or Tatum’s sexy ass), is definitely the fact that the film is not cheesy. Sure, Steven Soderbergh made sure that extremely sexy,sweaty, and greasy(?) scenes and production numbers were present in the film to tickle your fancy and your imagination, but he also made sure that the movie has a heart. And aside from the relatable drama and romance, and a respectable plot, the actors in the film also gave astonishing performances that added depth to the story.


Channing Tatum is the main attraction of the movie. You will find yourself in a theater filled with screaming fans (hey ladies!) just as the first part of the film starts to roll in and Tatum’s sexy and meaty ‘behind’ greets the crowd. Tatum plays the 30-year-old Mike, a construction worker by day,and a hot “girl-magnet” stripper at night. He met his young protégé Adam (played by Alex Pettyfer) at a constuction site and soon finds himself teaching the young man the do’s and dont’s of the male stripper world. Adam joins this new-found and exciting world and he eventually becomes a favorite among the crowd. Pettyfer is very effective in portraying the role of Adam, a.k.a ‘The Kid’. His transition from being an innocent guy to an unsuspecting victim of sex,drugs,fame, & alcohol is a topnotch.

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, the owner and leader of the strip revue, is also remarkable in the movie. His sleazy and cunning character added a great balance of humor and ‘naughtiness’ in the movie.


The movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life back when he was a stripper (for real!), so it is quite interesting to note that he actually co-produced the movie as well.


Now, this is where the love story comes in. Cody Horn as Brooke is the love interest of Mike. She is also the charming, overprotective sister of Adam. I haven’t seen the rest of Horn’s filmography, but in this movie, she definitely delivered an amazing performance. The love story part of the film is sincere, unforced, and charming. It’s like you just wanted the two of them to fall in love with each other as soon as they met, and you just wanted them to, oh well, make some love together.


The movie as a whole, is a great entertainment. Although some scenes are quite dragging, they are, for the most part, forgivable..and forgettable.’Magic Mike’ is a must-see for the ladies out there. If you’re looking for a smart, sexy,romantic movie, then this one is for you. Oh, and don’t forget to save 20 dollars. Why? Well, you just have to find out!

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  1. Style Elyte says:

    This was a great movie and had a great story! Thanks for the post. ~Stylelyte

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