Do I love shopping? Yes. Do I love expensive brands? Yes. Do I always have the money to buy these things? Well, I don’t. And that is the reason why I love “Ukays”. Sure, every now and then, whenever I have the ‘moolah’ to buy my favorite brands, such as Topman or Zara Man, or local brands such as F&H, I do splurge on clothes. But to be honest, it’s probably a once in a blue moon event (hence, the reason why i splurge). But I learned that I can find fashionable treasures on ukay-ukays as well.  I learned this from my sister and my mom, who are selling clothes online that came from the ukay. One of my coolest friends, Candy, is so fashionable and she looks so expensive, but mind you, her clothes, according to her, were purchased from the ukay as well.  I am definitely fascinated whenever I see her wearing these fabulous clothes.Fabulous from head to toe! Most of us are acquainted with yard and garage sales, but ukay-ukay stores, or ‘wagwagan’, or thrift stores are definitely the coolest!

“Ukay Ukay. Also know as “Wagwagan.” These are thrift stores selling anything from used clothing to children’s toys. If you’re lucky, you may find an authentic vintage Louis Vuitton Bag for a fraction of the cost on Ebay! Fashion on a budget enjoy the unique ukay-ukay shopping experience, stay chic and fashionable without hurting your budget – get ready to look like a million bucks for less”

Just recently, my friends and I went bargain hunting at a nearby Ukay in Cubao. It’s a brand haven to be honest! You should try it too if you’re into brands such as H&M, UniQlo, and there are Prada, Gucci, and Topshop hidden somewhere.  So PATIENCE IS DEFINITELY A MUST! And please bear with the smell, it kinda stinks a little pero medyo lang naman. ‘Wag na maarte! And I must say that I enjoyed it a lot!!

Anyway, after almost three hours of treasure hunting (lol), I found these amazing pieces, and I bought all of these just for a measly Php500. I have other pieces pa but i wasn’t able to take pictures so let me share with you these photos first.

Feeling model lang! Pagbigyan na!

H&M Long Sleeve Sweater. Nice!

This one is a piece from Uniqlo. No need to go to the MOA branch just to find this one!

Hane’s shirt but it looks awesome! Don’t you just love the occult art on the shirt?

I’m gonna post more photos of my amazing finds real soon!

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  1. Ar-ar says:

    I ❤ that top from Uniqlo! 🙂

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