Generation Lookbook #5: Kiko Cagayat

“Actually, I still have no idea about fashion. I consider myself as a fashion victim. My family always ask me how did I get my interest with fashion and I just don’t know what to say. Maybe I just have this hidden talent with styling. It’s just fine that you’re always not into fashion. “

It’s kinda ironic how a stylish young man like Kiko Cagayat, a 22-year-old style lover from Japan, could utter such  statement. Based from his Lookbook photos, the guy screams ‘fashion’ from head to toe. Okay, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the young man is purely humble. Or, most probably, he simply has no  clue that he is, after all, a bona fide fashionista,born to show the world his unique style and fierce attitude.

Meet Me Downtown. Get the look: Eyewear-Rayban Wayfarer; Polo Shirt-Fred Perry; Messenger Bag-Prada; Watch-Givenchy;

A Quick Bio.
I was born in the Philippines but currently living in Japan. I’m not really into fashion but I just learned about it after I joined online fashion blogging 2 years ago, although I don’t consider myself as a fashion blogger.

The Style.
I don’t have my own style.I dress up as different characters before, since I love watching movies. I was still searching for my style during those days.And after trying out many different looks, I found my own style although I still copy from others. I am comfortable with hats and simple shirts, skinny pants and boots. Being simple is more fine with me.

Top 3 Fashion Must-Haves.
Black Boots- You can wear it everywhere.From casual to formal, summer up until winter. I just wear a pair of boots on half of my looks in my Lookbook page.

Black Skinny Jeans- Pair it with your black boots. All you have to do is change your top. I always do this thing and it saves me more money.

RayBan Wayfarer-Just to add ‘edginess’ on your look and it also adds appeal whenever you wear a wayfarer.I have this “celebrity” feeling whenever I wear it outside. lol –(i agree to this-The Amiology)

Favorite Clothing Brand.
I love the T-shirts and chinos of Topman. The shoes from Zara are really stylish but nevertheless I don’t really look at the brand. I’m a fan of online shopping brands. their styles are always in trend. I love their creativeness although sometimes they are expensive too.

Fashion/Style Icon.
James Dean
“Blue Jeans, white shirt” as described by Lana Del Rey.The bad boy look, I think it appeals to the girls a lot.

Fashion Philosophy.
What’s important is that you’re comfortable with it. Dress properly in every occasion. Being simple is already an “x factor” for me. I don’t look on how people put on clothes, but on how they carry themselves in it.

The King of Pop. Get the look: Glasses-Emporio Armani; Watch-Givenchy; Michael Jackson Shirt-Vintage

Good Morning Lana. Get the look: Lana Del Rey Tote Bag- (DIY); Hat-DSquared2; Striped long sleeves- Vintage; Fringe Boots-Desert Fox; Backpack-Guess?

Upper East Side. Get the look: Eyewear-Versace; Black Blazer-Lanvin; Polo SHirt-Fred Perry; Watch-Givenchy; Duffel bag-Balmain.

Bad Hair Day. Get the look: Clown

GLEE. Get the look: Varsity jacket-Kappa; White Boots-Dr.Martens; Shoe Bag-Armani; Coca Cola shirt-Vintage.

The Duke. Get the look: Clutch Bag-Christian Dior; Shirt-Gaultier; Gold Scarf-Balenciaga; Pants-DKNY;

Can’t get enough of Kiko? Visit his official Lookbook page, or visit his blog at

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