Generation Lookbook #4: Aivan Magno

The spotlight is on for Aivan Magno, a 21-year-old interior designer/future style icon from Manila. Brace yourselves for something unique, crazy, and fashion-forward. It’s tribal boy meets London luxe guy. It’s definitely fashion at it’s best.

IGOROT BOY. Get the look! Igorot Headress- Baguio City; Handwoven Sweater- Baguio City

A Quick Bio.
I just graduated with a degree in Interior Design from the Philippine School of Interior Design and I’m planning to take my second in DLS-CSB for Architecture this Fall.

The Style.
UK High Street meets Igorot Boy.

Top 3 Fashion Must-Haves.
1. The Immaculate Leather Jacket
2. Killer Boots
3. Unique Bag

Favorite Clothing Brand.
SM Department Store.

Favorite Style/Fashion Icon.
Bloggers and Models.

Fashion Philosophy.
You could never go wrong with the Immaculate Leather Jacket.

AIVAN STARK. ” Nami Island reminded me of Winterfell and made me feel like a Stark. I would name my wolf, Studs, paying homage to my favorite leather jacket!”

LEMON. “I can’t wait to go back in Thailand and buy a dozen of this cool bag!”

THAT WAS JUST A DREAM. Get the look! Black & White shirt- thrift store; DIY Shredded Shirt-OshKosh; DIY Shredded shirt-F&H

FOR HE’S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW.Get the look! Black Shirt- Comme Des Garcons; Black bone tie necklace- OS Accesories

COOKIES & CREAM. Get the look! DIY Shredded shirt-SM Department Store; DIY Shredded shorts- Guess?

APPLE PIE. Get the look! Leather Jeans-Topman; Red Boots-Dr.Martens

DEADLY SHOES. Get the look! Studded Bow-SM Department Store; Military Jacket-Thrifted; Studded SHoes-HongKong

MADE IN AMERICA. Get the look! Red Boots- Dr.Martens; Winged Watch-Swatch

GREEN MINDED. Get the look! Green Socks- SM Department Store; Jade Boots-Dr.Martens; Green Jeans-People are People; Green Cardigan-F&H

For more of Aivan Magno and his awesome looks, visit You can also visit his website at

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