Generation Lookbook

In this social-media driven world, everyone is definitely a star. Having more “likes” on your Facebook posts is considered a status symbol–rule of thumb–the more ‘likes” you have, the more “popular” you become. In this generation, it is a fact that having hundreds-or even thousands-of strangers following you on Twitter is a good thing. And in this cyber-crazy world, everyone is a fashion expert. You upload and post a picture of what you think is fashionable,and everyone has the right to judge you on the spot–by leaving a comment, “liking”, “retweeting”,  or in the terms of LOOKBOOK users, by “hyping” the look.

And since I love fashion, and I love looking at people who are extremely fashionable, I have decided to create a blog feature about fashionistas! Every week, I will feature stylish individuals–each with different approach and style when it comes to fashion. So, if you think you are fashionable enough, and want to share your fierceness to the world, you may send your “looks” or pictures at Share your best look now! That’s it! I’m so excited!!

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