Do You Remember These? (Part 1)

I grew up watching a lot of cartoons. I remember those days when I would intentionally skip school the entire day just to watch my favorite cartoons. Cartoons used to own my life. I was obsessed. I was mad crazy about these shows.


Although it was made and shown waaay before I was born, I was still able to watch She-Ra: Princess of Power on television every Sunday morning. I was amazed by her beauty. She-Ra was and still is very gay.

And let us not forget He-Man, the hunky retro haired brother of She-Ra.

And Mighty Mightor. Moby Dick‘s forever companion.

And for girls, Jem and The Holograms was probably the most popular rock band in their minds during their childhood.
I still believe that Jem was the main inspiration for Lady Gaga’s early image.

A bunch of Japanese-made live action TV series ruled the television.
(Alexis) and Annie still tops my list as the most kilig loveteam ever. Hehe.


I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with “Mask Man” (not Masked Man). others would even say “Maskuman”. Haha!

Ultraman was my brother’s favorite.

And mine was the American counterpart, the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

Then came Sailor Moon.

And Princess Sarah.

I was so mad with Lavinia. But I love her fierceness and bitchiness.

Work it, gurrl!

I used to cry so hard whenever something bad happens to Nelo and Patrasche.

And I couldn’t sleep for days out of sadness due to the tragic story of Remi, the “Nobody’s Girl”.

(To be Continued)

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