Snow White & The Huntsman

Charlize Theron is probably the best-and fiercest- evil queen I have ever seen. Other celebs that already portrayed the evil queen include Sigouney Weaver in “Snow White: A Tale of Terror”, and more recently, Julia Roberts in “Mirror Mirror”. And while I haven’t seen those two films, I am quite certain that Charlize Theron will hold the crown as the baddest bitch in the game.

And while I may not consider myself as a Kristen Stewart fan, (I haven’t seen any of those ‘Twilight’ sequels,and I am not bothered.), I was quite surprised that she can actually act. And Good Heavens, this girl is gorgeous! She delivered an exceptional portrayal of Snow White–tough and fragile at the same time. I am now convinced that Kristen Stewart is one of the best actresses that we have in our generation.


Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, gave us one of the most adorable characters in the movie, as the titular Huntsman, Eric. Chris Hemsworth, like in The Avengers, is back looking handsome and carrying a large weapon. His character was definitely a good and an important addition to the ever evolving story of Snow White. In this version, he was tasked to hunt down Snow White in exchange for the evil queen to
bring his wife back from the dead if he succeeds with his mission.


I was about to make a comment regarding the actor who played Prince William but I decided not to after I realized that i didn’t care enough for his character at all. The movie would still work even without his character to be honest.


The movie is a feast to the eye. the visuals are magnificent,and the action scenes are heart-pounding.

And while we’re on the topic of Snow White, I actually envisioned a Pinoy version of this fairy tale while watching it last night. And the Pinay actress who came first into my mind as the perfect Snow White is:

Megan Young. Admit it. She is gorgeous and the girl needs a big break! I bet most of you would say Anne Curtis is the perfect choice for this role, but believe me, Megan has SNOW WHITE written all over her perfectly-gorgeous-God-given-fierce-as-hell-beautiful face.

As for the evil queen Ravenna, it would be none other than…

Gretchen Barretto
. Her socialite diva status and attitude (and her big forehead) screams EVIL QUEEN! BITCH! BAD! MEAN! CRUEL! ‘Nuff said.

And I will give the role of Eric, the Huntsman to:

Derek Ramsay. Need I say more?

If given a chance, who would you cast for Snow White & The Huntsman-Pinoy version?

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