Lady Gagita

“Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen.”- Lady GaGa.

And without a doubt, Lady Gagita is a queen. If Lady GaGa has changed the pop landscape one sequin at a time, Lady Gagita is doing the same, in her own fabulous world, one parody at a time. Famous for her parody videos of Lady Gaga’s hits, Lady Gagita, earned fame in just a snap. To date, her first official parody, “Telephone” has earned more than half a million views on Youtube (not counting the first video which was taken down due to copyright issues), and her latest spoof fest, ‘Marry The Night” is already at 14,000 views in a just a week.  She is probably the sole person responsible for re-introducing parody videos in the country, especially on the internet scene, which made her the most popular ‘Mother Monster’ impersonator and inspiring others to mimic the pospstar. But who is Lady Gagita in real life? In this The Amiology exclusive,Lady Gagita talks about Lady Gaga,her future and life behind the make up. And yes, she took the time to slam Madonna.


When did you start impersonating Lady Gaga?
I started impersonating Lady Gaga way back in 2009, after I saw her bloody ‘Paparazzi’ VMA performance. i was amazed.

Why Lady Gaga?
Lady Gaga has this fashion statement which other celebrities do not have. I admire her because of her bizarre outfits, and lastly,her support on the gay community empowerment and her perception on anti-bullying.

Aside from the Mother Monster herself, do you see yourself impersonating other pop stars/celebrities as well?
Well, I can see myself doing Katy Perry, Madonna, Shamcey Supsup and even Christina Aguilera.. A lot of people told me that I have similar features  to these women.

Your favorite Lady Gaga song?
“Telephone”, definitely. It changed my life a lot.

Madonna described Lady Gaga as “reductive”. Any thoughts?
With her age, Madonna should take a rest. She should give way to those rising stars instead. She should stop competing for the ‘crown’ which she wore a long time ago but has been taken away by better pop stars.

There’s a big hoopla about Lady Gaga being a devil worshiper. Your thoughts.
Though there are occult symbolism in her videos, I really don’t care. It’s her style, and that’s how she became famous. It’s art and it’s the spice in her music.

How long does it take for you to be in a full gear Lady Gaga outfit?
Hmm…Give me two hours to do my makeup, hair and outfit.

If Britney Spears is to Madonna, then Lady Gaga is to________.
Michael Jackson.

Who do you think is the real “New Queen of Pop.”?
It’s Gaga. Madonna’s reign is over. We’re on the new generation, and we must face it

Your favorite Lady Gaga parody video? Why?
All of my parody videos are my favorites. But ‘Telephone’ is still the best. It contains a lot of witty scenes, and it shows our success kinda like “from rags to riches”.

Describe Lady Gagita.
The number one fan of Lady Gaga. A free bitch. A woman with a freewill. Fame-hooker. But knows how to act decently in a decent place and how to act bitchy in a bitchy place.

Who is the real person behind Lady Gagita?
I am Vinzon Leojay Booc.A simple, family-oriented person. Very humble and witty. Handsome according to others Creative in all of his creations, and does not complete the day without accomplishing anything.


Describe your daily life.
Interacts with cyberspace fans in the morning, doing some Lady Gagita stuff in the afternoon, I will then take a nap, and finally, a hard working call center agent in the evening.

Your ultimate goal in life as Vinzon Leojay Booc.
To be a director someday, and to become a professional editor. To have my own studio and film facilities. And lastly, to bring my family to Manila to live a very comfortable life.

Your ultimate goal as Lady Gagita
To perform with Lady Gaga onstage. And lastly to kiss Mark Kanemura (Gaga’s backup dancer) on the lips torridly. Haha!

Your philosophy in life.
No matter how people bring you down. No matter how they look down and spit on you,just stand up and think. When the whole world turns their back on you,Just remember that you still have yourself.


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