Thank You!

Wow! My interview with top model Eriko Malabanan is now the most viewed entry on my blog!  (Click here if you haven’t seen it). 520 views in just one day! And that, for me, is already ‘huge’ since my blog is not actually “popular” and I don’t really have a strong base when it comes to readers and whatnot. But still! Thank you so much for those who allotted their time to visit my blog.And thank you so much Eriko!

Anyway,since my blog entry with Eriko is”successful” (pagbigyan na!), I decided that I will post more interviews/features on The Amiology. And guess what? I just had the commitment of two amazing people and they both agreed to be featured in my blog!. Amazeballs!!  I haven’t given them the interview questions yet and I cannot drop any names as of now (since things aren’t really finalized–yet), but I’m really excited and I want to give you guys a taste of what’s to come!

The first one is a very famous pop-star. She is currently known as the “mother monster” to her “little monsters. Guess who? It’s now time for you guys to put your paws up!

The second one is a very talented artist. He is probably one of the best illustrators that we have in the country (or in the whole world) right now. He could mesmerize you by his wonderful artworks,and you will find yourself falling in love with his ethereal illustrations. Just look at this wonderful piece of art! I am definitely a fan!

I’m stoked! Please check back for the updates!!

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