Eriko Malabanan

“The woman is the most perfect doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.”- Karl Lagerfeld.

She is the perfect definition of the word “fierce”. She is one of those very few women who makes love to the camera. She loves every flash, those blinding lights that will captivate her beauty,every angle, raw and real. And in return, the camera loves her back. It’s a match made in heaven. And the girl is ‘working it’.

“I started modelling August of 2011, after I graduated college and passed my nursing board exam, that was the time when my mom agreed that I can do what I always wanted to do, which is modelling.”

She is Eriko Malabanan, a 19 year-old half-Filipino,half-Japanese model (and a certified Nurse, by the way) who, at such an early age, has already lived the dream of every  Filipina model aspiring to strut down the runways of Philippine Fashion Week. She has already graced the pages of many magazines and advertisements, and has already lent her perfect stature to many well-known designers and gave ferocious poses to the best photographers in the country. These are just some of the things that indicate that she has already made it.

“People have this thing that if you’re a model,you’re anorexic as well.”-Eriko

Define fashion.
Fashion is a statement of who and what you are. It’s about freedom to express one self. It should evolve, it should peak, and it should be a learning curve and an experiment, and a lot of fun!

The biggest misconception about models.
People have this thing that if you’re a model, you’re anorexic. We’re skinny and all, but we eat, and we eat a lot. It’s not always about not eating and starving yourself. There’s always proper healthy diet, exercise and discipline.

I don’t want my sister and other little girls who look up to models and feel like “ooh I have to super skinny, I have to look like that to be attractive, I’ll starve myself, etc…” SKINNY BUT NOT ANOREXIC!

Define your personal style.
I play with what I have in my closet, but I keep it to myself that it has to look good on me, it has to show my personality, and it has to be comfortable to wear. I always feel safe and in-fashion wearing black dress.


Which celebrity, designer or model do you most admire and why?
I love Lui Wen & Sui He. They inspire me to do more and give my best at all times. I love finding beauty inspiration in all of their different looks when I see them at the international stage walking that runway, shooting editorials, you see them everywhere, and I want to be just like that!

What are your style secrets?
Just be confident, be yourself, don’t let anyone change you. If somebody is in harmony with herself, others will see it and it will effortlessly show your true beauty.

What’s in your beauty bag at the moment?
Petroleum Jelly (I use it as my make-up remover. It’s really effective and cheaper!)

Wet Wipes

Biggest splurge?
I got myself a Louis Vuitton Estrella Monogram bag. After that, I went back to saving money. haha!

Best-kept beauty secrets?
Eat healthy, get enough rest and keep your mind calm amidst the hectic work life. Always show your sexiest curve, Smile!

What’s your secret food indulgence?
French Fries! Chocolates and more Chocolates!

Which three people would be at the top of your dinner party list?
Michael Cinco (for the gown), Mark Nicdao (for the photos), Chris Hemsworth (for my escort). HAHA! I wish!

Proudest career moment?
I’ve been casted for this season’s PFW  Grand Allure.

Name your top three international brands/designers.
XOXO (I love it there! I feel so girly everytime I go to their shop at Robinson’s Place), Alexander Mcqueen (I love his summer collection!), H&M.

Name your top three local brands/designers
Bayo,Myth, and F&H.

Biggest Fashion OMG! Moment?
I wore the same dress as to the girl I’m sitting next to during fittings. Awkward!

Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks?
Tyra Banks.

How do see yourself 10 yrs from now?
Successful, Happy and still aiming for more challenges that can push my modelling career to the fullest.

If you would have your own perfume line, what would you call it and why?
“Float”. “Float in life, not sink.”

Best fashion advice someone gave you.
“One is never over- or –under dressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld



Eriko is under YEOH Model Management.
Follow Eriko on twitter! @erikomegan

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2 Responses to Eriko Malabanan

  1. paulo resol says:

    thumbs up!!! 🙂 way to go eriko.. 😀

  2. ebencipe says:

    I fell in love with her since I saw in an editorial for Preview Magazine. I began googling her and Im so glad to find her here. She is definitely a new comer to watch out for in our local scene & Im hopping to see her do Int’l runways. Please also allow me to grab some images here as reference since Im planning to draw her for my model-illustration blog. God Bless… <3.

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