The Playlist

Katy Perry! Gotye! One Direction! Welcome to my Playlist!

Let me share to you the top 10 most played songs on my iTunes right now. Enjoy!

10. “Where Have You Been”-Rihanna (Talk that Talk)

Admit it. Rihanna is one badass bit*h. With her sixth studio album “Talk That Talk”, Ri gave us the dancefloor-ready “We Found Love”. The song became a worldwide smash hit and gave Rihanna her 11th number one single. Although the succeeding singles from the album were less successful compared to “We Found Love”, Rihanna is set to rule the charts once again with “Where Have You Been”. It has ‘smash hit’ written all over it. They should’ve released this song as the second single,tbh.
Hot Lyrics: ‘You can have me all you want, any way, any day. To show me where you are tonight.’

09. “Blue Jeans”- Lana Del Rey (Born To Die)

I love Lana Del Rey. I Love the album “Born To Die”. I love “Video Games”. I love her lips. I love everything about her. Although the buzz about her went downhill in the past few months, it won’t change the fact that her album is a modern day classic and this girl will slay! Enough said.
Hot lyrics: ‘Blue jeans, white shirt.Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn It was like James Dean,for sure. You so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer.’

08.”How We Do (Party)“-Rita Ora (TBA)

Jay-Z’s latest protege, Rita Ora is definitely a girl to watch out for! And this song is absolutely amazing. It makes me want to party (hard) whenever i listen to this song. And the sample from Notorious B.I.G’s 1993 song “Party and Bullshit” is hot!
Hot lyrics:’Make up all over the pillow.What went on? What went on?What went on last night?’

07.”Primadonna”- Marina & the Diamonds (Elektra Heart)

This song is one of the best of 2012. Need i say more?
Hot lyrics: ‘Fill the void up with celluloid.Take a picture, I’m with the boys.Get what I want cause I ask for it.Not because I’m really that deserving of it.’

06.”One Thing”-One Direction (Up All Night)

Why? Go check out my second post for this blog to find out. =)
Hot lyrics: ‘Shot me out of the sky.You’re my kryptonite.You keep making me weak.Yeah, frozen and can’t breathe.’

05.”Wide Awake”-Katy Perry (The Complete Confections)

Classic Katy Perry. Only edgier. And definitely not generic.
Hot lyrics: ‘Falling from cloud 9.Crashing from the high.I’m letting go tonight.’

04.”Brokenhearted”-Karmin (Hello)

Pure Pop! Catchy, fun, and addictive!.
Hot lyrics: ‘Felt the joints in my bones where you were touching me, oh oh’

03. “Payphone”-Maroon 5 feat Wiz Khalifa (Overexposed)

As much as I would like to hate Adam Levine for being such a douchebag on The Voice, I can’t even begin to do so whenever I listen to this song. I love the song Adam, but It doesn’t change the fact that you are annoying as hell.
Hot lyrics: ‘If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this,All those fairytales are full of sh*t. One more stupid love song I’ll be sick.’

02.”Call Me Maybe”- Carly Rae Jepsen (Curiosity)

Who is this girl and why does she have an uber-amazing song? This song is my current jam right now! I dance to death whenever I listen to this and I sing it all the time. The song is very catchy and you might suffer from ‘last song syndrome’ for a long period of time after listening to this. This is pure pop perfection!
Hot lyrics: ‘I trade my soul for a wish.Pennies and dimes for a kiss.I wasn’t looking for this.But now you’re in my way.’

01. “Somebody That I Used To Know”- Gotye feat.Kimbra (Making Mirrors)

It’s hands down the best song of the year! ‘Nuff said!
Hot lyrics: ‘You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.Like resignation to the end, always the end.’.

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