Britney VS. Christina. All Over Again.

Are we back in 1999? The year of bubblegum teen pop explosion, boy bands, cookie-cutter pop-stars and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”.
And who can forget the million-dollar question that triggered a huge war among pop music fans? A battle that has been done to death it nearly caused another World War just to have world peace.
Britney or Christina?

Fans have been contemplating on this question since the Mickey Mouse Club days. Back when these pop divas were still bestfriends. During that time though, it was really hard to choose between the two. Both are beautiful, talented,and hot. The first one is an amazing dancer. The other’s got a beautiful voice. Both were ex-Mouseketeers, and both gave us legendary pop songs: “…Baby One More Time” and “Genie In A Bottle”.

It seemed like the debate died a natural death…or so we thought.

Following the announcement that Britney Spears will join The “X-Factor USA” for it’s second season (along with Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, and LA Reid), everyone is fired up once again to revive the undying battle that is “Britney Vs. Christina” since Christina is one of the coaches of NBC’s highly successful singing competition, “The Voice”.

This announcement sparked comparisons, for the millionth time, between the two superstars. And things are just getting started.

“With Britney they’re gonna have the “she’s one of us” attitude . People’s perception of her is more like “she is a sweet person with a good heart…nevermind her breakdown and lack of talent.” everyone still likes to think xtina is some vicious otherworldly bitch here to remind every woman in America how inadequate she is (the housewives, not xtina) every Monday (and now Tuesday) night”–TIkmeoff,from aLD Forums.

“Christina being infinitely more talented should give her a pass for any bad behavior, i laugh at the American media worshiping this Britney, simply because they feel sorry for her.”–Darla Dimples, from aLD Forums.

I died after reading this:
“I am SO ready for that CAR CRASH TV when I will cringe like a bitch watching on my stream that girl making a fool out of her awkward self on NATIONAL TV.I am SO READY for her ‘cool, i like it, very urban, its fun, aham, yay, cool, loves it, thank you, bye bye’.Bitch cant even take a bath by her self and they are going to make her JUDGE people on a MUSICAL BASED reality show. BITCH CANT EVEN DELIVER ON HER OWN SHOWS these days FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO????
–Bunifah, aLD Forums.

“Let’s face it. She’s essentially going up against her teen rival Christina Aguilera on The Voice. No one listens to Xtina on The Voice because they value her opinions. They listen to her because they want to see what insane thing she’ll say next, while wearing something insane. It’s insanity squared.So insanity cubed.”-Jenny Maier,

” Weird how Xtina has The Voice while Britney has The X-factor.Looks like I’m watching their career. Britney looks better.”–gabrielmm,ATRL Forums.

These comments are funny as hell and I literally fell out of my chair after seeing this:

Who wore it better?
And who looks better?

Let the “Britney VS Xtina: 2012 Edition Battle” begin!
So,whose side are you on?

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One Response to Britney VS. Christina. All Over Again.

  1. I love them both! They are remarkable stars during my teens!
    Christina is a genuinely talented artist, and Britney was a pop tart! ihihi..

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