I was actually reading my old blogs–blogs from blogspot, and xanga (back when it was a popular site for people who loves to blog) when I suddenly missed blogging! I was even a hardcore blogger back then, I even managed to update two blogs from two different sites, with different contents for each. So why not do it now,again?(Blogging, I mean).  Everyone seems to be into blogging anyway, and not just those, “ill post a photo with a cute quote or something” blog (Hello,Tumblr!). But actual blogs with thoughts, stories, and personal experiences worth reading! Damn, I almost forgot that I also have an account on Tumblr. So here I am, trying to put all my creative juices just for the sake of having my first entry. I hope I haven’t squeezed all my ideas yet! So,if you’re actually reading this right now, let me just say, Welcome! And I hope that you will enjoy the ride. It is going to be a wild one, I promise!



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