One Direction & Boybands

I was never a fan of boybands. Okay, let me be honest here. I am not even gonnapretend that I don’t actually have an album from N*Sync (Celebrity,2001), or pretend that I didn’t buy The Moffats’ debut album back when i was in fifth grade. But just to make it clear, I am not a huge fan of boybands. I can hum a tune or even sing a song from all these undying boyband singles on the radio, but that’s just it. Nothing major.

That is why, I was having second thoughts when I listened to the whole album of One Direction (Up All Night,2011). And I suffered from last song syndrome. Then after I listened to it for the second time, I was already searching Google for lyrics.And to make it worse, I have the album on repeat on iTunes. And my 5 year old niece is suffering from “I cant get ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ out of my head’ syndrome as well. We’re doomed!


But come on, it’s not like you haven’t heard anything about them. They’re actually all over the internet—blogs, gossip sites, facebook, twitter, and probably even on your mom’s iPod or something. You just cant  deny their presence. And to be honest, i can’t blame all these tweens, or even adults who are going crazy over them. One Direction is simply adorable  they could actually melt your heart in a snap!

Now, don’t laugh at me yet. I still don’t know the names of each member yet, and I haven’t ‘liked’ their page on facebook (scrap that, i already did), and no, I haven’t followed them on Twitter as well, I’m not even sure if they have a Twitter profile or something.

So, if you are actually looking for awesome pop tunes,feel good ballads or mid-tempos that will make you fall in love, (or make you fall in love with One Direction), then, this band, err, I mean, this album is perfect for you. Forget about the fact that people might call you ‘baduy’, screw them, they’re still hiding in the closet while listening to “One Thing” or “Up All Night”. The album may not be enough for you to buy fan merchandise,or sign up to their official newsletter, or join online groups, or even follow them on Twitter once you find their official page (OMG, I just did!), but the amazing songs on the album are definitely enough or more than enough for you to say that NOT ALL boybands suck!


Keytracks : “What Makes You Beautiful”, “One Thing”, ‘Up All Night”

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